Rules: Pre-NASCAR

Modified Stock Car: Pre-NASCAR era 1933-1948

  • Frame-Stock appearing with Minor Modifications
  • Engine-V8 ford Flathead or 6 cylinder
  • Body-coupes and sedans
  • Stock Appearing, full fenders and running boards
  • Body and engine at Time of Livery.


Rules: Modified

Modified Cars I: Vintage Era 1949-1971

  • Frame-stock appearing with modifications or fabricated
  • Engine- 6 cylinder, v8 ford flathead or v8 over head valve
  • Body couples and sedans




  • Full fenders, partial fenders or no fenders
  • *Body and Engine at time of livery.


Modified cars II

Emerging Era 1972-1985

  • Frame-Fabricated
  • Engine-V8 overhead valve
  • Body-Steel Fabricated

Pinto, Vega

Mustang, Camaro

Omni, Arrow

Corvair, Gremlin

  • Body and Engine at time of livery


Modified Cars III

Modern Era 1985-2002

  • Frame-fabricated
  • Engine V8 overhead valve
  • Body Steel Fabricated


  • Body and Engine at time of livery.




PALM’S goal is to preserve, display and race vintage race cars in exhibition style in historic events throughout our region. Rules and classification pertain to the years the vehicle was originally raced and not the year the vehicle was manufactured. Exhibition style racing provides an opportunity for competition without points being awards or purse being paid for events. Sportsmanship of patrons and safety of vehicles are the primary concern for this racing venue.

Exhibition Race Procedures:

Racing classifications will be divided into two categories

  1. 1.       VINTAGE I:  Race cars with historical significance that have been restored or reconstructed using period correct parts with minor safety changes to stock OEM frames. Vintage I events will be exhibition style racing only with a trophy being awarded to best of show for modified and stock cars.
  2. 2.       Vintage II: Race cars that have been reconstructed using fabricated chassis and/or OEM components. Vintage II events will be open-competition exhibition style racing. A trophy will be awarded to leading modified and stock car.

All events will be 4 pace laps with 15 green flag conditions.



Modified stock car- Pre-NASCAR 1933-1948

Modified I-Vintage Era 1949-1971

Modified II- Emerging Era 1972-1984

Modified III- Modern Era 1985-2002

Stock Car I- Vintage Era 1949-1971

Stock Car II- Emerging Era 1972-1981

Stock Car III- Modern Era 1982-2002


Rules: Stock Cars

Stock cars I: Vintage era 1949-1971

  • Frame stock appearing with modifications
  • Engine V8 overhead Valve
  • Body- Steel fabricated
    • GM
    • FORD
    • MOPAR
    • Body and engine at time of livery


Stock Car II

Emerging Ear 1972-1981

  • Frame fabricated
  • Engine V6 or V8 overhead valve
  • Body –Steel fabricated
    • GM
    • FORD
    • MOPAR
    • Body and engine at time of livery


Stock Car III

Modern Era 1982-2002

  • Frame fabricated
  • Engine- V8 overhead valve
  • Body-Steel fabricated
    • GM
    • FORD
    • MOPAR
    • Body and engine at time of livery


Eligible race cars were raced in one of the following series:

  • Eastern late model
  • NASCAR late model sportsman
  • NASCAR late model modified sportsman
  • NASCAR Grand National
  • NASCAR Busch
  • NASCAR Winston Cup
  • NASCAR modified


Safety requirements:

  • Full rool cage
  • Fuel cell
  • Seatbelt (5 years current)
  • Window net (5 years current)
  • Fire suit (SFI compliant) with gloves
  • Helmet (2010) SNELL
  • On board fire extinguisher
  • Battery cut off switch
  • Battery contained
  • Door secured
  • Encased gas lines
  • Oil overflow canister
  • Water overflow canister
  • Washers on heim joints
  • Seat properly mounted
  • Windshields recommended
  • Head restraint device encouraged



Code of conduct

Vintage exhibition racing provides an opportunity to showcase decades of historical race cars in an exhibition competitive event. Therefore, in order to protect both car and driver, rough driving will not be tolerated. In all events, any contact with another car will result in designated suspension from participating in future historical racing events. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in pit areas during vintage events. Vintage racing is a family sport and profanity and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.



License and association fees

All competitors’ must have a NASCAR competition license and be a member of PALM (Palmetto Association of Legendary Motorsports).

NASCAR license are $100.00 for the year and “15 Day” Temp licenses are $25.00.