2018 Myrtle Beach Speedway Schedule                  ** - Day Race   



      **Feb 9-10: “IceBreaker” -- (LOCK-IN) LM, LLM, SS, MS, VC   [RESULTS]

         **March 17: "Performance Plus 300" -- (Beach Madness Begins) NWMT, LM, Ch, MS, ST)  [RESULTS]

             March 24: "The Cars Tour" Super Late Models and Late Models 

            April 7: “Autism Awareness Night” --  LM, Ch, VC, ST   [RESULTS]

            **April 21: “Fan Appreciation Night”  -- Twin LM, Ch, MS    [RESULTS]

            May 5: “Whelen Public Safety Night” -- (BM Eliminations) LM, Ch, VC, ST [RESULTS]

             May 19: "Weekly Race Event"  -- Twin LM, Ch, MS [POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER]

            June 2: “Bell and Bell Night” --  Twin LM, Ch, ST, VC, Allison Legacy [RESULTS]                            

            June 30: "Weekly Race Event” --  Twin LM, Ch, MS, ST [RESULTS]

           July 14:“Armed Forces Sun Fun 101” -- (LOCK-IN) LM, ST, CH, MS, VC [RESULTS]

           Aug 4: “Bell and Bell Night” --  Twin LM, Ch, ST, VC (BM Elims after 1st Twin Race) [RESULTS]

            Aug 18: “Back To School Night” --  Twin LM, Ch, MS, MASS SS, Chall, Mini Cups [RESULTS]

            Sep 8: “Weekly Race Event” -- LM, Ch, ST, VC [RESULTS]

            Sep 15: “Night of Champions” -- (BM elims after first LM twin) Twin LM, Ch, MS, VC, Allison Legacy  [CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER]

            Oct 20: “Breast Cancer Awareness Night” -- (BM Battle Back) LM, Ch, MS, VC [RESULTS]

        Nov 9-10: "MB 250" -- (Limited Pro, Limited Challenger, Super Trucks, Mini Stocks) [RESULTS]

        Nov 16-17: "MB 400" -- (LATE MODELS, MODIFIEDS) [RESULTS]