SUN FUN 101 at Myrtle Beach Speedway

Date: Saturday July 14th, 2018

Divisions: Super Late Models, Late Models, Chargers, Vintage Cars



- Entry Required, CLICK HERE to view entry form

- Race will follow the 2018 CARS Tour Super Late Model Rules

- $6,000  to win

- Six (6) tire race, Hoosier F-45 tires. Teams must qualify and start the race event on the same four tires. These six (6) tires are the only tires allowed on the car during the race. If a team has a flat or bent wheel and another tire is needed, an official must be there to approve the change to a SCUFF tire.

- Segment cautions at lap 30 and lap 60. The leader at each one of these cautions will receive a $ 250 bonus. Pit road will open and remain open for at least 3 minutes on each of these cautions to give teams time to change their tires. Coming down pit road will forfeit your on track position but you will line back up for the restart in the same order you came down pit road. If still in your pit box after the 3 minute mark, you will forfeit your position altogether and line up behind all cars that exit pit road road before.

- Minimum 10 gal Renegade track fuel must be purchased at this event.

- The race will be 101 laps straight through. Caution laps will not count.



- 101 laps straight through, on one set of new tires (Hoosier F-45)

- $4,000 to win, $500 to start

- Winner will receive an automatic silver invitation to the Daytona1 Beach Madness Dash for Cash in the Myrtle Beach 400, granted they compete in at least five (5) races of the 2018 season by September 30th.



- 30 laps straight through, on one set of scuff tires (Hoosier F-45)

- $ 500 to win



- 20 laps straight through