Amendments: Rules are subject to amendments at any time when ample notice has been given to enhance competition

4 Cylinder and 6 Cylinder MUST REMAIN STOCK

A. Any make and model front wheel drive 4 or 6 cylinder car permitted. No all

wheel or 4 wheel drive or station wagons allowed: All cars must remain STOCK as

from manufacture. No other modifications will be permitted.


A. Remove all glass and trim

B. Glass Stock Windshield or Lexan permitted. If Lexan is use you must add three

front windshield straps secured with 5/16” bolts no rivets. The first strap must

be centered and the remaining two straps must be 4 inches off each side of the

center strap

C. Rear window opening must have at a minimum of 2-1” x 1/8” straps. All straps

must be secured at the top and bottom with 5/16” bolts

D. Remove all flammable material from inside the drivers compartment dash must


E. Remove air bags

F. Roll Cages

a. Maximum 4 point roll cage (Optional) but when roll bars are used they

must be 1 3/4” x .093 minimum wall thicknesses

b. All cars must have one horizontal door bar centered between the top of

the door panel and the floor board

c. All cars must have one horizontal bar from left side to right side behind

the driver’s seat

d. Any SFI rated window net. Window net must be installed by using no less

than 1/2 inch magnetic steel round bar or 1” by 1/8” flat bar

G. 4 and 6 cylinder motors only. No turbo or super chargers permitted

H. Coolant systems (water only) no water wetter’s or antifreeze permitted

I. All suspension must remain stock. No alterations of any parts or mounting points

J. Stock camber and must maintain stock bolts

K. Stock air cleaner (filter and housing)

L. Doors must be chained or welded

M. Hood and truck lid must be wired shut before the start of the event

N. Battery must remain in the stock location and securely fastened

O. Exhaust must remain stock but may be cut off 6 inches past the firewall

P. Fuel tanks must remain in the stock location 2

Q. Only “H”, “S”, “T” 60 or 70 series DOT Street legal tires. 300 tread wear or

higher. No DOT stamped street racing or racing tires allowed. All (4) four tires

must be the same make, size and have the same stamped markings

A. Tire Alterations is NOT permitted. If tires are in question the Technical Director

will inspect the tires and make a ruling on the tires.

B. All rulings are final and non-appealable

C. No radios or communication devises allowed

D. Transponders required